July 11, 2010

Can a feature film promote social change?  Maybe – it can certainly spark conversations about the social issue it is addressing  and those conversations using social media can drive change.  The under representation and misrepresentation of gay marriage and families of same-sex couples in the media has contributed to discrimination of the LGBT community and myths about their lives. The Kids Are All Right,  a new feature film, opens the door and invites us into the home of a family with two parents of the same sex raising two teenagers and connects to the audience emotionally on one if not more of the many issues each member is facing, either individually or as a family unit, whether you are gay or straight.  For a great review of The Kids Are All Right check out   Melissa Silverstein, founder and editor of Women & Hollywood.

Maybe you can do your part to move this conversation on gay rights go viral and support the legalization of gay marriage.