October 12, 2010

Dr. Ivan Oransky, a member of CHMP’s advisory board as well as the executive editor of Reuters Health, wrote an article that was featured today in The New Republic.  The article is entitled, “Can Stem Cells Treat Paralysis?  First Big Test Underway”.  In the article, Dr. Oransky debriefs readers about the newly, and very first, FDA-approved Phase I trial of embryonic stem cells in humans.  According to Dr. Oransky, the goal is to grow nervous system cells from human embryonic stem cells in order to help repair damaged neural tissue in human spinal cords.  To learn more about this trial and what it means for the stem cell debate, check out Dr. Oransky’s article in the New Republic.

Update: On October 14 Dr. Oransky was quoted in the NY Times article “Harvard Researchers Retract a Claim on the Aging of Stem Cells”