April 5, 2011

Barbara Glickstein is the Co-Director of the Center for Health, Media & Policy.

Racialicious is a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture. Latoya Peterson, is the owner and editor. I have it delivered to my inbox daily and start my day with this and several other blogs and online news services while I enjoy my freshly brewed cup of java around 6:00 AM.  There’s been many times I wanted to repost an article from Racialicious here. Today, I decided to do it.

Guest Contributor Renina Jarmon (M.Dot) cross-posted from New Model Minority wrote Kill Me or Leave Me Alone: Street Harassment as a Public Health Issue. When violence, like street harassment, a pervasive form of gender-based violence, is addressed as a public health issue, my activist soul and mind gets fired up – and Ms. Jarmon’s post addresses her personal assault in a stunningly blunt way.

@This_isAwkward wrote in the comment section, “Been through it, always kills a part of me.”

Want to do something to stop street harassment? Go to Hollaback! a global movement dedicated to ending street harassment using mobile technology.