May 13, 2011

icn-malta2011-1The first week of May, 2300 registered nurses from 123 countries attended the International Council of Nurses Conference in Malta. We left challenged and charged to act on the innovative ideas presented by this year’s 70 expert presenters. The topics covered were extensive including the massive increase of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), primary care, climate change, disaster nursing, and gender violence.  CHMP’s co-director, Diana Mason, delivered the keynote focusing on the conference theme, nurses driving access, quality and health, addressing social determinants of health. She provided insights into how mobile health creates access to health care and selected innovative models of care designed by nurses globally challenging us to think broadly on how we can impact change to increase access and quality care. Mason crafted a powerful visual presentation that provided the backdrop to her engaging, thought-provoking presentation which earned her a standing ovation.

On May 12th the world honored the achievements of nursing on International Nurses Day. In the United States, it stretches into a full week – with National Nurses Week.

On Tuesday, still experiencing a global nursing high and slightly jet-lagged, I headed over to a workshop, Caring for Ourselves, sponsored by a new partnership between the Urban Zen Foundation and Johnson and Johnson’s (JnJ) Campaign for Nursing’s Future. Donna Karan sent her greeting and message by video filmed in Haiti where she is currently volunteering. Andrea Higham, Director of the Johnson and Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future, welcomed the 60 nurse guests, and showed clips of JnJ’s newest public service announcements on nursing. Caring for Ourselves, a day of restoring and healing was led by pioneer holistic nurse leaders Susan Luck, Barbara Dossey and Bonney Gulino Schaub.

Major General Patricia D. Horoho
Major General Patricia D. Horoho
History was made this week when President Obama announced the nomination of Major General Patricia D. Horoho, Chief of the US Army Nurse Corps, to be the 43rd Army Surgeon General. This historic nomination marks the first time a registered nurse has been nominated to head the US Army Medical Command as Surgeon General.