June 13, 2013

Charles Cullen is arguably the most prolific serial killer the U.S. has ever known. A registered nurse, Cullen deliberately and randomly killed between 40 and 300 patients who were hospitalized in hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before being caught at the end of 2003. His heinous crimes were intentionally or unintentionally abetted by hospital executives that failed to report Cullen to the authorities when his pattern of killings was discovered.

Tonight at 11:00 on WBAI (99.5FM; wbai.org), Healthstyles will feature the first of a two-part interview by moderator Diana Mason, RN, PhD, of award-winning journalist Charles Graeber about his investigation into these occurrences that are profiled in his new book, The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness and Murder. They are joined by nurse attorney Edie Brous, RN, JD, as they discuss the legal and policy implications of this shocking story.

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