November 21, 2013

Tune in tonight to Healthstyles 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio and streamed at  to hear host Barbara Glickstein, RN, MPH, MS interview Daliah Heller, PhD, MPH, a drug policy expert. Dr. Heller has worked in NYC’s Department of Health and in the service delivery sector running a harm reduction center in the Bronx. In 2012, she was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Health Media and Policy (CHMP) at Hunter College where her research focused on identifying and promoting opportunities for mainstreaming substance use services in health care and public health systems. She returns to Healthstyles to discuss the subtle shift in reporting on substance use and abuse in mainstream media and how the implementation of the  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will shift drug treatment care from the current isolated silos to being integrated into primary care models of health care nationally.