July 17, 2014


Today on Healthstyles on WBAI, 99.5 FM (www.wbai.org) at 1:00, producer and moderator Diana Mason, RN, hosts a program that opens with HealthCetera, a health news updated, followed by a discussion of Medicare by c0-producer Liz Seegert with Stacey Sanders, Federal Policy Director of the Medicare Rights Center, a national non-profit organization that helps older adults and people with disabilities to get health coverage through counseling, advocacy, educational programs and public policy initiatives.

The program then airs an interview that Mason did with Jen Hyatt, founder and CEO of Big White Wall, an online service that helps individuals get support, take control and feel better, by creating an anonymous and safe space to share and access personalized pathways to recovery via a supportive online community and proactive self-management services, facilitated by experienced guides. Big White Wall was named a High Impact Innovation by the UK National Health Service and as the best eHealth solution developed by an SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprise) across the European Union.

You can listen to the program by clicking here:

Healthstyles if sponsored by the Center for Health, Media & Policy at Hunter College, City University of New York.