October 2, 2014


Healthstyles co-producer and host Barbara Glickstein opens this week’s show with an interview with Sara Jerving a Kaiser Family Foundation Global Health Reporting Fellow for the GlobalPost. Jerving published a piece looking at maternal and child healthcare in South Africa that was part of the publication’s special report called ‘Branding Health.’ The series, which launched this week, sent reporters to four locations in Africa to examine the effectiveness of public-private partnerships in the health sector.

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Dr. Kenya Beard, newest member of CHMP’s Healthstyles production team, is the Associate Vice President for Curriculum & Instruction Jersey College and Dir. Multicultural Education & Health Disparities. She’s a Geriatric and Adult Nurse Practitioner. Beard discusses her published editorial in the September issue of the American Journal of Nursing, “How Much Diversity in Nursing is Enough? If we’re afraid to even talk about such questions, we’re not there yet.”

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The final segment, HealthCetera, highlights health news.

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