January 18, 2017

HealthCetera Radio will be producing weekly news updates and dedicated segments called Adverse Effects. HealthCetera’s production team will be reporting on the impact of the repeal/replace of the ACA, changes in Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP. We will also report on healthcare workforce issues and the impact of actions to reform health care by the incoming administration.

Medicaid, which is jointly funded by federal and state tax dollars, covers more than 73 million Americans. Many GOP and Democratic states agreed to expand Medicaid under the health law. The incoming administration has stated an interest to restructure how Medicaid coverage for poor Americans is financed by giving block grants of money to states.

HealthCetera’s Kristi Westphaln,PNP, #AdverseEffects¬†segment reports on the potential impact of restructuring how Medicaid is financed and¬†the potential impact this might have on providing health care access to children insured by Medicaid.

Tune in to HealthCetera Thursday, January 19 at 1:00 PM on WBAI 99.5FM streamed live at www.wbai.org or listen to the interview here.